Rubber Flexo Printing Plates and Their Scope Of Application

Rubber Flexo Printing Plates and Their Scope Of Application

The use of rubber printing plates may have dipped over the last few decades but have also proven indispensable. The rubber material had been the most widely used for flexo plate making. However, the coming of the photopolymer and the digital flexo plates have created a more efficient alternative.

But it has not stopped rubber printing plates because there are many where they are used. These plates also have advantages that make them stand out. For example, they produce excellent dot and isolated lines. They also offer solid printing performance and high latitude of exposure.

Rubber printing plates have good ink transfer and impression. These are some of the things that make rubber still common in flexography printing. There are substrates that rubber printing plates can be used for. They include:

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is all about the non-rigid materials that are used for packaging. Most of the companies are using printed plastics, paper bags, and polythene packages. You may not know that some of these flexible packages have been printed using rubber flexo printing plates. Modern flexographic technology has made this pretty simple.

Newspaper and Print Media

If you are a fan of newspapers or have seen printed brochures or books, you could be looking at another area where rubber printing plates are used. The products are printed using flexographic technology, and rubber plates are widely used. Features like ink transfer and high impression are some of the reasons why most print media are still using rubber despite the popularity of polymer.


A good example of labels that can be printed using rubber printing plates is self-adhesive labels. They are very common in the retail market for the labeling of products, like in the supermarkets. Flexographic machines are used for printing these labels, and rubber printing plates are widely used.

Food and Beverage Bag

I know you like the appearance of the images in the packaging label of your favorite canned food, juice, and wine, among many other products. But did you know that this labeling is done using flexographic printing? Well, that’s true, and rubber printing plates are sometimes used.

Medical Packaging

The printing that you see on the drugs and other medical supplies is done using flexographic printing. In most cases, rubber printing plates are used to print them.

It is also important to mention that rubber printing plates can bed used for cardboard, wrappers, hygiene bags, and so on. So their application is vast as the flexographic industry.